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Become A Volunteer

FAN is a friendly place to volunteer!  It is a great way to support our community while meeting new people and making new memories for our children.  There are many different ways to volunteer and many levels of commitment.

Upcoming Events

FAN organizes many fun events throughout the year for young children, families and parents alike.

2017/18  :  Kara Nierenberg & Katie Tully

2016/17  :  Jessica Turco & Kara Nierenberg

2015/16  :  Liz Galvin & Jessica Turco
2014/15  :  Kara Spelman & Liz Galvin
2013/14  :  Jillian Black & Kara Spelman
2012/13  :  Jennifer Bradford & Jillian Black
2011/12  :  Meredith Conway &

                         Jennifer Bradford
2010/11  :  Andrea Cox & Meredith Conway
2009/10  :  Elizabeth Angelino & Andrea Cox
2008  :  Elizabeth Angelino
2007  :  Courtney Peters
2006  :  Ginger Hanson-Martino
2005  :  Jill Abrahamsen

FAN Presidents

2004  :  Susan Lewis

2003  :  Jamie Spencer
2002  :  Jenny Splaine
2001  :  Betsy Walsh
2000  :  Sherry Miller
1999  :  Ms. Vozella
1998  :  Chantal Olson & Marie Saba
1997  :  Michele Wickerham &

                 Michele DeLuca-Verley
1996  :  Chantal Olson & Susan Schwartz
1995  :  Martha Stone-Martin &

                  Susan Schwarz
1994  :  Susan Schwarz
1994  :  Betsy Wall

FAN and Your Family

FAN's mission is to provide resources and a support network for parents in addition to organizing many activities for young children and parents alike.  Your family can participate in playgroups, educational programs, food and toy drives, playground meetups and cleanups and more!

FAN and Your Community

FAN is constantly striving to continue and increase our community outreach program.  The outreach program will facilitate initiatives that will take place either during regularly scheduled FAN events or on individual projects.  We will have programs geared towards the enhancement of our town, clean parks and giving efforts.  We have many other exciting initiatives this year and we encourage you and your family to join us in helping to make a difference!

Our History

In 1994, new Winchester mothers Susan Schwarz and Betsy Wall began seeking play dates instead of client meetings, pushing strollers to the playground instead of working out daily, and looking for advice on a good nursery school rather than the latest trendy Back Bay restaurant. 

Susan, Betsy, and a group of about a dozen Winchester women agreed that there was little organized support available for women with new families. Many of the women with babies and toddlers needed an organization that would include the entire family, because they had less ability to participate in activities without their children in tow.


Through the support of volunteers FAN grew into an official organization.  Those of us who participate in the many activities and have made lasting friendships for ourselves and our children through FAN are thankful for all of the volunteers' work and perseverance!

Family Action Network of Winchester (FAN) is a Winchester-based, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization which began in 1994.  Our mission is to facilitate the exchange of ideas, to provide parenting resources, and to offer a support network for families in our community with infants and small children.