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FAN is an organization that is run entirely by volunteers.  This includes our dedicated board members who give their time to lead each committee.  If you are interested in helping with one - or more - committees, then contact today.

FAN Programs

Explore the variety of programs and events offered by FAN for you and your family to enjoy.

Become A Volunteer

FAN is a friendly place to volunteer!  It is a great way to support our community while meeting new people and making new memories for our children.  There are many different ways to volunteer and many levels of commitment.

2016 - 2017 Board Members & Committees

PRESIDENTS  :  Kara Nierenberg (Co-President) & Katie Tully (Co-President)

TREASURERS  :  Jessica Christenson (Treasurer)
SECRETARY  :  Shannon Reynolds


Organize our exciting events including our Halloween Parade & Party, Families and Fire Trucks, Barnyard Babies and more!

CO-CHAIRS  :  Cara Campbell, Lyndsay Miles, Stefanie Mnayarji, & Sheila Eckhart

Organize collections of charitable donations at FAN events and plan family projects to help teach our children the importance of giving back to the community.

CO-CHAIRS  :  Lisa Olaharski & Andrea Poole

Coordinate member discounts.  Create and distribute FAN Member Discount Card.

CO-CHAIRS  :  Thuy Buonocore & Anthea Brady

Welcome new FAN members, maintain FAN's membership database, and oversee our membership renewal process.

CO-CHAIRS  :  Thuy Buonocore & Anthea Brady

Publish six newsletters a year providing information and resources to our members .

CHAIR  :  Elisa Stern

Plan events geared towards parents' interests, including Ladies Nights and book talks.

CO-CHAIRS  :  Christine Brennecke & Liz Martino

Run our weekly flagship playgroup, organize in-home, age-based small playgroups and weekend playgroups.

CO-CHAIRS  :  Gillian Hermance, Deb Melkonian, & Brittany French

Disseminate event information to various outlets (i.e. flyers around town and press releases to local newspapers).

CO-CHAIRS  :  Shannon Callahan & Erika DeWaal

Maintain and seek new relationships with and sponsors.

CHAIR  :  Sonya Rao

Organize the Preschool Survey.  Maintain FAN's BigTent site and the content and layout of the public website,

CO-CHAIRS  :  Julia Gustafson & Marcia Velencia McDonald

Manage the volunteer opportunities across all of FAN's committees.

CHAIR  :  Chelsea Stevenson

FAN Board & Committees